2009 Nov 21 Karaoke Competition Results (FAAA)

Dear all

What a great evening we all had last Saturday!

The standard of competition was very high indeed. Following a change in the marking scheme, the intensity of the competition has been raised to another new level. Not only that the13 singers put in 110% in their performance and made the event very entertaining, the audience also enjoyed themselves so much that the whole atmosphere was truly electrifying.

A new element added to the competition was that judges had to comment on the performance of each singer on the spot. This provided a new dimension to the event and made it very lively. We were lucky to have Mr. Ken Kwok (ex ATV and ex TVB chief producer), Ms. Sharon Wong and Mr. Johnno Wong (our previous winners), Ms. Tammy Ho (musician) and Mr. Mahmood Ramjahn 林慕德 (famous song writer) to be our judges who were funny, knowledgeable and constructive. 林慕德 was particularly entertaining as he demonstrated his very amazing voice and singing ability for the competitors and the audience.

It was wonderful to see all the participants having so much fun in dancing, cheering and laughing throughout the event.
I was very touched by the level of success we had.

Congratulations to the winner Ms. Kate Kwan (U of Newcastle) whose performance was simply stunning. The best on stage performance was awarded to Mr. Richard Woo (U of Newcastle) who managed to put everyone on a dancing mode with both of his songs.

Special thanks to Griffiths U alumni assoc which agreed to take up this event on late notice. In particular, I would like to thank Shirley Mak (GU) and her team for organising such a memorable event, and Ivan Chan (U Ballarat) for his hilarious MC performance with Shirley.

For those who missed out on last Saturday’s fun, please try to make sure you will not repeat the same next year. I am alreadly looking forward to the 5th FAAA Inter-U Competition 2010.


PS: for those who wish to look at some of the photos:



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