Appreciation Dinner for Australian Consul-General in HK, Ms Elizabeth Ward

Join us to bid farewell to Ms. Elizabeth Ward, Australian Consul-General. Enjoy a memorable evening with delicious food and Aussie wines.

Date and time: Saturday, 7 October 2023, 18:30 – 22:00
Location: CVIEW 華 – 16/F, M+ Building, 38 Museum Drive West Kowloon, Kowloon, HK

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Ms Elizabeth Ward 伊麗莎白·沃德 |

has been Australia’s Consul-General to Hong Kong and Macau since October 2020.

She is the heart of the Consulate-General. We would like to thank her all round tremedous support to FAAA in the past years. Please do join us to bid farewell to her and cheers to her new role.

What’s more ? Table prizes will be given out to the winners of fun-fact wine game.

Woodsoak |

Situated in the wine-producing region of Robe in southern Australia, the Woodsoak Winery encompasses an expansive 55 acres of land. Among their flagship wines are Zaahira sparkling wine, Methode Traditionnelle Blanc de Noirs, Methode Traditionnelle, Santi, Mayur, Rani, Pyaar, Raj, and Vijay.

座落於澳洲南部葡萄酒產區羅布Robe的Woodsoak酒莊,擁有占地55英畝。他們主打的葡萄酒包括Zaahira起泡酒、Methode Traditionnelle Blanc de Noirs、Methode Traditionnelle起泡紅葡萄酒、Santi長相思、Mayur霞多麗、Rani玫瑰紅葡萄酒、Pyaar黑皮諾、Raj西拉、Vijay赤霞珠。

Wine Menu 酒單 |

Woodsoak Alun’s Choice Esplanade Shiraz 2015

Woodsoak Wines Blanc de Noirs 2017

Woodsoak Wines Mayur Chardonnay 2021

Woodsoak Wines Pyaar Pinot Noir 2021

Woodsoak Wines Vijay Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Woodsoak Wines Sparkling Shiraz 2019

CView Introduction 介紹 |

“CVIEW ‘華’ is situated on the 16th floor of M+ in a prime location, offering a panoramic view of the beautiful West Kowloon Harbor. It presents an array of exquisite dishes reflecting the flavors of Jiangsu, Suzhou, and Shanghai. Led by the esteemed Michelin-starred chef Mr. Xu Yiming, who has previously led a team to earn one Michelin star, the traditional dishes are masterfully prepared to embody the essence of Chinese cuisine.

The ‘C’ in CVIEW represents China, Chinese Cuisine, Culture, and Creativity; while VIEW stands for perspective, insight, and vision. The structure of the character ‘華’ (Hua) is intertwined vertically and horizontally with the concept, symbolizing the harmonious blend of diverse Chinese cultures, extending to be shared with the world. The interior design of the restaurant, featuring Chinese screens and lines, reflects this concept, harmoniously integrating with the breathtaking West Kowloon Harbor view. This confluence encapsulates the essence of Chinese culinary culture, akin to the convergence of all rivers into the sea.

CVIEW ‘華’ sincerely recommends a selection of premium dishes, including the exquisite wine-steamed mandarin fish, drunken chicken with Huadiao wine, and osmanthus-scented fish with pine nuts. Each dish is meticulously crafted by the head chef, using carefully chosen high-quality ingredients. Here, you can savor the most authentic Chinese cuisine, with each bite exuding unique flavors and textures, offering your taste buds an exceptional indulgence.”

CVIEW「華」位於M+ 16樓的優越地理位置,飽覽西九維港美景,提供一系列江蘇、淅江及上海風味的佳餚,由曾帶領團隊榮獲米芝蓮一星的星級總廚徐一鳴先生主理,傳統菜餚美味呈現,為你帶出中華美食精髓。

CVIEW中的C代表中華(China),中華美饌(Chinese Cuisine),文化(Culture)及創意(Creativity);VIEW是觀點,見解及視野,跟「華」字結構縱直交叠,象徵著博大中華文化的互相交融,並伸延開去與世界各地分享,餐廳內的中式屏風及線條秉承這概念而設計,配上西九維港美景,由內至外融會貫通,呈現出海納百川般的中華文化飲食精粹。


Menu 菜單 |

Huadiao Drunken Chicken, Smoked Egg, Crispy Vegetarian Goose, Roasted Bran

Stewed Chicken with Matsutake and Vegetable Gall

River Shrimp with Sweet Peas

Sweet-scented osmanthus fish with pine nuts

Grandma’s Braised Pork

Grilled Vegetables with Ham

Xiao Long Bao, Fried Bun

< Pea yellow, Shredded banana >








< 豌豆黃,拔絲香蕉 >

Event Info 活動資料 |

Date 日期:Oct 7, 2023(Sat 星期六)

Time 時間:19:00 – 22:00 (Welcome Drinks starts at 18:30 and Speech at 19:00, 歡迎酒會18:30 開始 及19:00 致辭 )

Address 地址:16/F, M+, 38 Museum Drive, West Kowloon Cultural District, Kowloon

PAX 名額:40位

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