Volunteer Services

FAAA Volunteers
Social responsibility is important to many organizations and even individuals today. We established FAAA volunteers team to encourage alumni to engage in community work. You can now serve the community and help the needy directly by becoming a volunteer and contributing your time and care. You can also build a stronger network with other alumni members who share the same passion. Join us if you interested to work cooperatively with other volunteers; and enthusiastic in serving others.
Our Missions

  • To contribute time, knowledge and experience to help the needy
  • To care for the needy through a variety of services, thereby fostering a spirit of unity and mutual support
  • To promote among the ALUMNI a better understanding of social responsibility and people’s livelihoods
  • To enhance communication within the ALUMNI and create amicable relationships and networks


Join as volunteer to assist the NGOs programs / events to help people in need in Hong Kong.

Alumni Mentoring Scheme: distinguished alumni and community leaders share their experiences and wisdom with FAAA members in talks, discussions and shadowing sessions.

Enrol FAAA Volunteer Team Here: http://goo.gl/forms/pW1hCwBnc5

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